We Don’t Need More Laws!

More laws only create more criminals! So why do we need more laws? What we need is to have stronger consequences for existing laws, and for our law enforcers to have the support they need in carrying out the laws.


If a person is sentenced to death, then carry it out quickly. This is wisdom from God. But look how long it takes for a condemned murderer to be put to death, if at all?  Even in prison the Lord can reach a criminal and change his/her heart, but the consequence of the crime is still to remain whether a person has a change of heart or not.


In our nation a progressive is one who believes that more laws are needed, and they are the same ones who feel compassion for the guilty, and have soften the consequences and obstructed our law enforcers from carrying out the law in the way they are trained to do. Therefore, people have no respect for the law, or for the people who carry out the law.


In the church we see the same thing happening with God’s laws and therefore with how God’s own people have no fear in breaking God’s laws. But the truth is that God WILL JUDGE us all, but for now He waits for people to come to His Son for forgiveness and the new life of His Holy Spirit. Those who break His moral laws – will suffer now for it. The condition of our lives on this earth can be the consequence of God’s laws being broken and not respected.


It’s been said that this physical life is the worse it will ever be for the children of God, but for the enemies of God – this life is the best it will ever be.

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