What Made America Great?

I just watched a movie called “Touchdown” and it showed me what made America great! It is not jobs and benefits or how advanced we have become with Technology and weaponry. Although we need a prospering society and strong military and law enforcement, what made America great in the past is how people ‘used to’ care for others, even making personal sacrifices to help someone in need.  We are the greatest when we care enough to help those around us.

Today we have government politicians thinking they are the ones supposed to meet the needs of people. They are not. This is not what government is supposed to do. Government is to protect its citizens and keep the peace; making sure that those coming into our country obey our laws as well as wanting to become an American.

I reminded of when I watched my grandson play baseball and there was a very good ball player on his team. I wanted to tell this induvial that to become great he must help make his teammates good. If his goal in life is to be good himself then all he has to do is watch out for himself only, and not anyone else.  Isn’t this what is mostly happening today in America and why the government thinks it must do what people are to do for one another?  So we have more and more entitlements which are only making people more and more self-centered.

To make America great we must lift up all those around us. But they first must be willing to take responsibility and not expect from others what they are capable of doing themselves.

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