Relationships – Chapter 31

Biblical Self-Esteem – Part 6


I believe it is very easy for us to misunderstand what is meant by biblical self-esteem. The biggest problem that we face is one’s self. In one sense ‘self’ is public enemy number one. When it comes to my relationships with others and my relationship with God – it is myself that is often the problem.


One of the things that we need to think about is this: What is the difference between biblical self-esteem (the way that we have been looking at it) and self-centeredness? I would like to give some thought to this difference.


Comparison is probably the first thing that comes to our mind. What do I mean by this?  Self-centeredness says: “I am more important,” but biblical self-esteem says: “I am important.” Do we see the difference? Whenever we begin to compare ourselves with others, it is wrong.


Self-centeredness will try to not only compare him/herself with others, but try and compete or even feel superior to someone else. This is wrong and will destroy relationships.


Biblical self-esteem simply confirms what God says about us. Again, we need to go back and see what the Lord says about us. God reaffirms His love for us. We are lumps of clay that He is shaping. Often we do not like what we see, but we must keep in mind that God is not through with us yet. We will become a true son or daughter of God; for in Christ Jesus we have become a new creation, with a new hope and a bright future.


Why is it important for us to know what the Lord thinks about us? We tend to behave according to what we think people think about us. If we think that people think of us as screw-ups then we have a tendency to behave that way.


It is important for me to know what the Lord really thinks about me, because it will affect my behavior for good or bad. It will affect my relationship with the Lord. In other words, my fellowship with God is determined by what I think He thinks about me.


Relating to the Lord in the right way helps me to relate to others in the right way. I will no longer be comparing myself to others, and I will accept others more freely as God does. This in turn liberates me to fulfill my individual function in the Body of Christ, so that the Lord’s Church is fulfilling the will of God.

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