Christian, don’t think that because you are a child of God’s that you will escape what the enemy has planned against you and your family. The devil will not ignore you, but neither will your Father God.  And we know who is greater in power and purpose. Nothing can separate us from the love of our Father if we are in Christ Jesus His Son.


Be wise with godly wisdom; ask for it and God will give it without finding any fault in you. Take your position in Christ seriously and care for each other. Pray for our president and those in authority to do what is right, boldly bring your requests before God.


Speak the truth without fear, give only ‘faithful’ counsel and instruction. Never stop sharing the good news of God’s love and salvation found only in faith in Jesus Christ; share your own testimony of Him with your children and neighbors.


And prepare for the inevitable; that which our Lord said we should expect in these times and all the more as the Day of the Lord approaches. Watch for His open doors for you and move in confidence to see His provision.


Pray without ceasing, pray on all occasions. Pray according to God’s will only, not your will, not your friend’s, not your mother’s, not your father’s, not your pastor’s; pray according to GOD’S will that He has given in His Word. Faith is what pleases the Father of us all.

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