The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 30 – Clothed in Scarlet

With Adam and Eve’s rebellion to God’s first and only command (Genesis 2:15) came the need to have their shame clothed by God.


Before they disobeyed God they had no reason to feel ashamed of their nakedness, but God opened their eyes to how He sees their disobedience, and how He sees ‘all’ the disobedience of mankind; that it’s not only shameful but deserving of death. God’s love for man is greater than His hatred for sin because He made man in His own image that they become His sons and daughters. Thus, He sent His Son into the world because of His deep desire that none should perish in their sins and be separated from Him, but rather to believe in His Son as their Savior unto eternal life. Jesus Christ’s scarlet blood is what covers our sins when we confess them to Him.


Because sin entered the world – the earth and earth’s atmosphere was affected. Extreme weather conditions began to take the place of God’s perfect climate for people on the earth so that people now needed proper clothing for all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Before sin entered the world people never needed armor protection for their bodies either. Warring and killing increased because of man’s sin nature.


Living conditions on earth will become more and more severe as we near our Lord’s return, but those who are “clothed in scarlet,” covered by the blood of God’s Son have no need to fear.


“When it snows, she has no fear for her household; for all of them are clothed in scarlet.” Proverbs 31:21


The Virtuous Woman makes sure her husband and children are physically and spiritually covered according to the weather, work, worry and warfare of the day. She is very aware of all their goals, responsibilities and enemies.


It is her desire that they look their best, feel their best and do their best. It doesn’t matter how much money you have; looking your best has nothing to do with what’s in fashion or how great you look in your clothes. Looking your best is more about attitude, confidence and perspective. Feeling your best comes from security and favor with God. Doing your best comes from determination to reach your goals, but with personal integrity and God’s favor.


As a parent we need to make sure we don’t clothe our children with ‘our’ false expectations. We can expect things from them that is out of their range of ability and dreams, but is really all about what we achieved at their age, or what we had wanted to achieve and never did.


The woman of God has clothed herself with faith in God’s way of salvation and prayer that God will work salvation for each one in her household. Our faith in God’s promises and our truthful teaching over our children – sanctify our children unto the Lord. (1 Corinthians 7:14) But the day comes that each of our children need to ‘personally’ respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by faith in what He did on the cross, for them personally. Covering our children with prayer keeps them protected for the day of their own salvation in Christ.


Right before the Israelites left Egypt with Moses God told them to apply the blood of a lamb without defect over the doors and windows (all openings) of their homes so that the Lord’s angel of death would not stop there as he came to take all of Egypt’s firstborn sons. If the blood wasn’t applied then there was nothing to save them from God’s judgment. (Exodus 12:12-13) The same is true for us; if we are not covered with the blood of Christ – we are not saved from the wrath of God; from the guilt of our sin. We will pay and get what we deserve for refusing the one and only Savior, Son of God, Jesus Christ.


No matter what the conditions are outside our home weather-wise, or in our nation government-wise, or throughout the earth world-wise, the heart and home of the Proverbs 31 Woman is ready to withstand intense and severe conditions because she, her husband and children are all clothed in scarlet; covered with the blood of God’s Lamb. They are blessed and highly favored of God.


Jesus prayed to the Father on behalf of His disciples: “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:15-18


Being “sanctified” means that our Father will work to protect those we pray for – for the day they acknowledge their need of the Savior and take part in the Kingdom of God. We each have to make our own choice when it comes to the Spirit’s invitation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our prayers won’t ‘save’ our children or anyone else from the guilt of their own sin; that’s between God and every human being. Baptizing babies or praying for the dead won’t save either. Babies are protected by God; they return to Him if they should die before their time of understanding who Jesus is.


Praying for our children will protect them from Satan and his cohorts who work against our salvation and the maturing of our faith. But no one else’s faith can save me; I must come to my Savior by faith.


Your children need you to cover them with prayer each day, and maybe more than once depending on what they are going through. They need you to teach them the truth of the Scriptures. Don’t wait till something terrible happens to pray over your children; pray over them every morning and night so the plans of the evil one are not carried out. Don’t wait for others to teach your children the Word of God; that is your responsibility as a parent to first know your God by reading and studying the Bible, His Word, and then by teaching your children. Pray the Words of God over your children so that your prayers are answered and they learn that God will do what He says.


When we go into battle for the spiritual well-being of our loved ones we go to war with the enemies of the cross, the evil spirits of inequity. So be sure you have all your spiritual protection on (Ephesians 6:10-18) because this battle requires you to have every piece of your armor on when you come against the plans and works of Satan in prayer.


The woman of faith does not fret the evil day when wicked leaders carry out their wicked plans. She prays to the Lord with full assurance in what He has said in His Word: “Evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land. A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found.” (Psalm 37:7-10) Can’t wait for that DAY!


When our four children were growing up my husband and I prayed for them. Most the time we prayed on our own and not together, but when they became adults with adult size problems we began praying together for their marriages, for their children (our grandchildren) and for their good future with Jesus Christ. Jesus told us that when two or three come together in His Name and ask Him for anything – He will do it. There’s power in agreement!


Knowing that our children are “in Christ,” is so very comforting. Knowing that God answers a faithful mother’s prayers for her children, can keep a mother from stepping in where God needs to be in the life of her children. She has no need to fear for them, just to enjoy them – all the days of her life.


The Virtuous Woman is fulfilled knowing her family is prepared and covered for what’s ahead.






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