The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 17 – Selective

“She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.” Proverbs 31:13


Most of you who read this verse in the Bible about the woman God honors and crowns would probably be drawn to the words wool and flax and think how irrelevant this verse is for most Christian women today. Let me show you the “relevance” of this verse for women in any generation throughout time, even throughout eternity. This verse is about being selective.


The word “select” suggests freedom and wisdom – which is eternal. My God-given selective right is to be motivated by my desire to honor my heavenly Father. What you “select” has distinct merit in your eyes; a special quality that you see even if no one else does.


The woman of vision sees value in what other women just naturally pass by or throw out. God’s daughters of His vision and heart can take something seemingly insignificant and use it to some good advantage. Her resourcefulness, inventiveness and assertiveness prompts her to take notice of and to appreciate the small things in life.


The fact that we can be selective reveals that God has given us the right and privilege to choose.


Ingenuity for family and home life has been weakened in women by the feminist’s movement and by so many other things that are made available for our vanities, comforts and indulgences. We have selected things for ourselves and our families that are not truly beneficial.


God’s daughter gives no thought to the many varieties of common vanities that other women simply won’t live without. She turns down invitations to join others in “pampering themselves,” “indulging themselves,” or “promoting themselves.” What is shameful to God is shameful to her. What matters to God, matters to her. She knows what matters most in life.


She gives no thought to those common vanities that other women simply won’t live without. She turns down invitations to join others in pampering themselves, indulging themselves, or promoting themselves. What is shameful to God is shameful to her, and this causes her to have very few friends, but she doesn’t care. She knows what matters most in life.


Women of old all knew a whole lot more than we do about all the natural benefits God put in His created things, but there has been a growing desire to get back to discovering all the many benefits in the nature God created for our well-being.


Be selective of who you date or marry as well. And never give up on your marriage when the test of commitment comes; remain confident in your selection by keeping your own heart right with the Lord, and remaining in prayer to God about your husband and marriage. Never forget that it is God who selects the children for the two of you.


Be selective in what you allow and don’t allow knowing who your heavenly Father is and who you are to Him.


Be selective about what you do for others outside your family at home. Not everyone you know with a need – is your responsibility. Not every job position that you see that you can do – is right for you. Not all places you get invited to – are where you should be. Be selective! Be honorably selective because of Who you represent on earth.


We can be selective because God was so very generous with creation; over the top you could say – in all He wanted to provide for us to live on, and to simply enjoy in life. There is a vast amount of variety in every kind of created thing! But remember as you make your selections: “All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.” (1 Corinthians 10:23)


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