Slaves today in America vs. Slaves of the 17th Century

Do you know what’s worse than the black slavery of the17th and 18th centuries in America? The slavery today of those walking around with big chips on their shoulders because their ancestors were the slaves of that time. Pitiful!


With the freedom you have here in America – anyone can make something of themself no matter what’s happened to your ancestors, your parents or to you. It’s all in the way you choose to think and live!


Our nation’s Constitution works for the good of anyone who is here to live as a legal law-abiding “American” citizen who will work to take care of their own, and give back to society.


These pitiful slaves of today, slaves of their own making, are blemishes on our society. We need to see a real justice system return for these blemishes to be cleared up. But we also need to pray for them to be liberated by Jesus Christ so they understand true freedom and what is possible for those who believe in God; that He rewards those who earnestly seek after Him.

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