Nothing Can Separate

Soon you won’t be able to bow your head to thank God for your food in restaurants because it ‘bothers’ people who don’t believe in God, or who hate God for whatever reason. But that can’t stop us from giving God praise because we have dwelling in us God’s own Spirit! We have direct communication with our Father God, speaking to Him anytime we want, and nobody around us can see it! We have Christ’s kingdom growing in us and ruling in us.


I wonder how ‘bothered’ God is over this – that His children are being told what they can do and can’t do in public. I wonder if God is somewhat happy over it ONLY because it causes us to understand what (who) we really have living in us that connects us to our Father God that no man or government or demon can disconnect!


I wonder what God has coming to these ‘bothered’ unbelievers – according to HIS LAW in the government HIS SON brings to the earth that will reign forever. CUT OFF from Him they will be forever; bothered forever and they won’t be able to a thing about it! Oh how the devil has blinded them and deceived them! They believe Christians are their enemy when in fact it’s God’s people on the earth that is holding back all His wrath coming against those who hate Him and reject His Son.


Open their eyes Lord to the truth! Let them see Your reality and love for them before it’s too late; let them understand that YOU DO EXIST and that YOU REWARD THOSE who earnestly seek after You.

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