I hear the cry of My people!

“I have indeed seen the misery of My people in America.” “I have heard them crying out to Me because of the government’s oppression, and I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of their oppressors and to bring them out from under the further plans of their oppressors. Their cry has reached Me and I have seen the way they are treated.” (personalizing Exodus 3:7-9)


If God did this for His people in Egypt, and as God did for Lot in Sodom, will He do it for His people in America in such a time as this?


If God delivered His people from Haman’s secret agenda against the livelihood of God’s people – deceitfully trying to kill them off one by one – will God expose our enemies in high places of power and turn their evil plans back on them as He did with Haman being hung on the very gallows he had built for the Jews?


We don’t always see what happens in a progressive way until we feel the results personally and then corporately. By then we’re to a point of great complexity over what to do about it and we can only CRY out to God; repenting of our disobedience to God’s Word in our personal lives.


When there is a breakdown in God’s family order and purpose in the land the whole nation suffers. God’s people are to be the light and salt which preserves God’s favor and good in the land. There are instructions from the Lord that if we follow through in every generation – will prevent evil from progressively overcoming us.


When God hears enough crying out to Him by His ‘humbled’ people – will He answer; will He “come down to rescue His people?” In His “coming down” what does this look like?


Jesus said that if we’ve seen Him – then we’ve seen the Father. But the Lord has come down to rescue His people – working through various kinds of imperfect vessels such as Moses and Aaron, and Christ’s apostles.


How does it honor God or further His plan of saving people when His own people are fleeced in every way possible? Politicians and governments are not our shepherd; Jesus Christ is our Shepherd. His sheep know His Voice and they follow Him.


If God used a very worldly man named Moses, a wealthy man raised from infancy in Pharaoh’s house and a man who didn’t speak well; can He use a man like Donald Trump? Does a man’s worldliness, wealth and weakness discourage God or thwart His plans?


If God gave Moses an assistant, his priestly brother Aaron, to help Moses deliver His people, could God unite Michael Pence and Donald Trump as brothers in delivering God’s people?


As in any time of when God delivered His people, His people will need to get right with God in their hearts and homes and take advantage of God’s specific time for them to get-a-head. (As my husband would put it: “be a head and not a tail any longer.”)


The Old Testament is full of accounts of how God uses whomever He wants, and it has always been questioned and attacked. We see how our president-elect has been rejected and attacked by those trying to remake America by silencing and enslaving God’s people. God’s covenant was with godly men not wicked men; those faithful men who founded this nation and formed our good Constitution.


The next president after Donald Trump will not be as favorable towards God’s people in America. Each American leader after Trump/Pence will be more and more hostile towards God’s people. We know this to be true by the word of God. He tells us the things to come – to make us wise and ready for anything, so that we are not caught unaware but prepared.


Jesus our Savior and coming King warns us: “Therefore keep watch…so that your house does not get broken into…be ready because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect Him. Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the Master has put in charge of the servants in His Household to give them their food at the proper time? (Food is both physically and spiritually strengthening.) It will be good for that servant whose Master finds him doing so when He returns. Truly I tell you, He will put him in charge of all His possessions.” (Matthew 24:42-47)


Might we use this time wisely that our God has given us. Jesus is coming back sooner than we think!

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