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I would like to ask those Christian millennials that have the “progressive” mindset, this question: Would you invite just anyone into your home? Would you invite a rapist, murderer, or strangers who knock at your door to get something from you? Would you invite anyone who wants to live in your home with you and your family so that they could have what you have; looking for what you can give them? Would you open your door to people who tell you that they are in danger and need a place to hide from their enemies? How would any of these scenarios be good for the well-being of your own family? If these sorts were coming to your door daily – what would you do or say to them?


The first priority is to protect your family. Would you open your door to any and all with the idea that your love for the Lord will make their life safe and prosperous; that in serving the Lord your home is open to any and all who want to come in? Is this wise and discerning, or is this foolish and irresponsible? So, the same questions and wisdom should be applied to our government. Where is the wisdom and protection of America’s legal law-abiding citizens when our government allows any and all strangers to enter our nation (for all their many reasons) and then supply them with all that they need? This is not evangelism; this is stupidity. This is not love; this is destructive.


Jesus instructed His people to “go,” and take His gospel out into your communities, and out into other nations – as HE LEADS you to where HE WANTS TO GO. Jesus went out to the people, He went into the homes of unbelievers and sinners; into their homes and cities. When Jesus was ‘at home’ it was with His own disciples.


We don’t “invite” unbelievers into the organized church; we get out and personally share our testimony of Jesus Christ with our neighbors, co-workers, friends, family members, etc. We wait for the opportunity from the Lord to share with them who Jesus is to us and what He’s done for us and how it changed our lives. Then if they have opened their heart and life to the Lord, we invite them into the organized church for their strengthening in the Word of God and life of the Holy Spirit.


Our churches have suffered the results of inviting unbelievers into the “organization” of churches and found that unbelievers have influenced believers; seeing the truth in this Proverb: “Bad company corrupts good character.” We have also seen this in America.


So whether it’s the home of our family, our nation or our organized church – we need godly wisdom and its result of true righteousness. If we go – we influence them. If we invite them in – they influence us.

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