Daily Devotional

The Bible says we have no excuse for not knowing the truth since God has made the truth plain to all. We are to know the truth ourselves, and then teach our children the truth of God, so that they will set their hope on God as we have. (Psalms 78:4)


So why is it that we have a new generation that refuses the truth? Could it be that we ourselves failed to live in the truth as God’s people? How then can we teach the truth when we have added rules and regulations and taken parts of the truth out to please ourselves, instead of pleasing God? Is that why this generation of millennials have rejected the truth? The survey today shows that this generation of millennials, for the most part, do not believe in God, nor do they want anything to do with the biblical God, replacing Him with whatever they want that makes them feel good about themselves. There is a growing belief among them that evil is good and good is evil. There is an arrogant stubbornness of rebellion that refuses to allow God’s truth in their hearts. They proudly reject the covenant our forefathers made with God and His Word. They have been deceived that God is not real; that God’s love is fantasy; that any attempt to trust in God would be the end of all things they have hoped for themselves.


We saw a great miracle this last year, when God’s people called by His Name humbled themselves and unitedly prayed to Him. WE saw what the world was not predicting and expecting with this 2016 election of President and Vice-president. This has given God’s people a reprieve from what was planned to come all the more against us – so that we can now have time to get prepared for the tribulation that God told us is surely coming. God’s people must not stop seeking the Lord and fighting the good fight of faith, hope and love. We must pray unceasingly for our leaders and for each other, ready to sacrifice for each other. The Lord’s Church needs to be ready in the ways the Lord can work through us! For many of us, that means a 180 degree shift in lifestyle and future plans.


This new generation is very upset about what has taken place with this election and there is a bent up anger that intends to increase its hostility towards anyone who holds to biblical values and speaks out with the truth. We need not feel threatened by these lost and angry souls, but rather pray for them and take advantage of every open door the Lord provides us to tell of His wondrous love and sacrifice. When our time is over – everyone who is has rejected the truth and grace of God will not be prepared for what is coming; they will be overwhelmed by it all, helpless. All they thought they knew and had will not help them at all.


But the Good News is that God is still on His mercy seat accepting anyone, no matter what they’ve done, if they will put their faith in His Son: the Truth, the Way and the Life.




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