Daily Devotional

Son, My children have the power to bring about change in this world; to complete the task I have left for them and to correct what the evil people of this world have done. I have given My children everything they need to do so. So can you or any of My children tell Me why they are not using the power they have been given to complete the task? While in the garden, I prayed that My children be one as the Father and I are one. When My children are united in Me, then the world will be drawn to Me, to know Me.


The reason My children do not use the power they have, and why they have not completed the task I left for them – is because they are divided and not united in My purpose. Satan has deceived them into thinking they should be meek by not speaking out with the truth about Me. Satan has gotten them to think about themselves: their comforts and their problems. He puts fear in them; that if they stand up for My truth they will suffer. He has twisted My word and used false shepherds to teach them that not all of My word is applicable for today. These false shepherds tell My people that they cannot take My word literally and so they do not take My Word seriously. My Word is a double-edged Sword! My word refutes and cuts down all the lies and deceptions of your day and in any day – just as it has always done since the beginning. Not one of My words will fall to the ground powerless! 


Son, I have given My children the privilege of telling everyone who will listen about the endless treasures available when they accept Me as their Savior. Because of their faith in Me, My children can come boldly and confidently into My presence with any personal request and with any united petition. In the garden I asked that the unlimited resources of the Holy Spirit empower My children with wisdom and strength; that the Holy Spirit make His home in their hearts when they trust in Me; that His roots grow deep in them so that they will understand how wide, how long, how high, and how deep My love is for them. When My children are united and understand My love, they will know My mighty power is at work within them to accomplish infinitely more than they can ask or think.


Son, I beg My children to live a life worthy of their calling! My children must be humble, gentle, and patient with each other; making allowances for each other’s faults – because of their love for Me. Do everything to stay united, bound together with My peace. Since My children know the truth, they must throw off their old sinful nature and former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception. They must allow My Spirit and My word to renew their thoughts and attitudes. They must put on the new nature: holy and righteous; created to be like God as His true sons and daughters.


When My true shepherds equip My people to do the task I left them, they will build up My children, My body, so that they mature and measure up to the full and complete standard I have set for them. Then My children will no longer be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching. They will not be influenced when people try to deceived them with lies. My truth exposes lies and corrects wrongs. But, so many of My children have been convinced of lies and have wandered far from Me – deceived.


Lord, thank You for these truths of who we are in You. Forgive me for dwelling so much on worldly things that separate me from Your fellowship and bring a dividing attitude instead of a uniting one. Help me to proclaim the truth to all who will listen, and help me to not give the devil any footholds in my life. 


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