Daily Devotional

This morning I woke up with a thought. What if this drought we are in turns out to be the worst on record? What if the summer turns out to be the hottest on record? How will this drought affect one of the top 10 economies in the world? Would water become our most expensive commodity?


No rain water for the valley would affect all of the agriculture in our state. It would affect our fruit trees and our forest. There will be forest fires like never before, and the cost would be great. Construction would slow down, maybe come to a halt, because you need water to build. California’s great economy would stop, and people would be forced to leave this state. The exodus would take away the tax base that our politicians use for their own desires in defiance of God and His word.


Why would God do this? DOES God do this? In my study on morality and immorality, I saw how God set up spiritual laws that will take affect when man sins become so great. When man becomes so immoral in a city or state or nation, the earth will vomit him out. If a drought took in the whole state, could it be that the earth wants to remove man with all his immorality from California?


What has the state of California done that would make its cup of inequity full? Our leaders never think of calling on God or looking into His word on how to resolve the problems of our state or nation. Look at the laws they have passed in the last 5 years and ask yourself if any of these laws bring glory to God; if any of them are the right way?


God says to His children that it is not the time to be fearful, but to see the opportunities He will give us. If water will become the most expensive commodity, then what should His children be doing with the instruction and leading of the Holy Spirit?

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