The Proverbs 31 Woman – Chapter 20 – She Considers a Field

“She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.” Proverbs 31:16


I believe that the greatest wonder of life is God’s miracle of ‘growth.’ It’s a miracle because only God can make things grow. (1 Corinthians 3:7-8) God created everything in full form and with seed for everything (animal, plant and human) to continue on forever. God created with eternity in mind, and He has set eternity in the heart of man.


A field that is considered has the potential of producing something of substance and of value. Today, not too many people get to own land outright and have fields to build and plant in. They have lost that ‘God-given’ right because of wicked rulers with all their greed, regulations and penalties for going against the systems of the wicked. Those who do own land for farming and crops have been slowly denied what they need to produce and prosper. When farmers prosper nations are fed as well as the family of the farmer.


Why would God require it of us to prosper if not so that we are able to feed and care for our own family as well as have more than enough to provide for others in their time of need? (Exodus 23:10-11)


Productivity of fields has decreased and one reason is because of government control. Another very key reason for this is that some farmers do not obey what God said to do for their fields. Every seventh year the farmer is not to sow seed, but to let the land rest from its work, just like we are to do every seventh day and like our Creator did on the seventh day. (Exodus 23:10-11 and Leviticus 25:2-13) For those who obey God in this, He promises them a hearty harvest in the sixth year that will carry them through the next three years. Imagine that. Some farmers do rest their fields by dividing up their land so that each part alternately gets its rest the seventh year, while the others yield.


“Follow my decrees and be careful to obey my laws, and you will live safely in the land. Then the land will yield its fruit, and you will eat your fill and live there in safety. You may ask, ‘What will we eat in the seventh year if we do not plant or harvest our crops?’ I will send you such a blessing in the sixth year that the land will yield enough for three years. While you plant during the eighth year, you will eat from the old crop and will continue to eat from it until the harvest of the ninth year comes in.’” Leviticus 25:18-24


The proper nutrients in food is lacking because the fields never rest. Thus, people have physical problems. God’s way is the best way and when we live according to His laws and principles we are blessed in every way.


God’s wisdom for growth in all forms of life is for the eternal continuation of human life.


The further away the world gets from God’s laws and principles the less we have in life; the less to sustain us and the less to enjoy in life. The quality of life for all peoples diminishes in proportion to ignorance and rebellion to God. When Jesus returns to reign on the earth all of God’s laws and principles will be re-established, executed, employed and engaged by all. Under Christ’s rule the quality of life will continuously improve. His standard will begin to fill every place and purpose of man’s life on the earth, and even beyond the earth because the eternal life of human reproduction can’t be contained on one planet alone. God has created the universe without any boundaries. Planets were created and sustained by God and for His future purpose of life eternal. If we proudly think that WE can go up in space to make a planet livable, before it’s time, we are fools and ever so wasteful of the resources and strength it uses up.


What do you think God brought down the system of man called the “Tower of Babel” that is recorded in His Word (the Bible)? Man was been trying to do what God didn’t tell him to do; what God even condemns doing. Man disobeyed God’s simple command to multiple and fill the earth; to worship Him only. Every system of mankind will be destroyed with the return of Jesus Christ. That means systems such as internet technology and all the different kinds of insurances and loans and schools. Just to name a few.


No mind can conceived what our God has planned for those who love Him! So why not just do what He has said to do and wait for Him to fulfill His own promises to us?


The fields of God’s people are many, and most are not producing like they could and should. We have far too many distractions, idols and hindrances that keep us from all the various harvests and from celebrating them and enjoying them just like the Lord told us to.


A field is also your marriage, your family, a piece of land, an empty building, your children’s growth in the Lord, the ministry God gives you, a neighbor who has lost everything, a people’s group, a government seat of leadership, the books God needs you to write, your art, your craft, caring for orphans or widows, etc., and the list goes on. A seed is something that when sown will produce that which is good and plentiful of its kind. A seed is also a faithful word of encouragement or instruction, your prayers, a gift, a financial donation, etc. God is for you to produce and prosper in every way.


“Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.” Ecclesiastes 11:6


Our heavenly Father has provided all the various fields and He has all the seed we need to start any with, just for the asking if your field is honorable.  A field is what you see potential in for something good to grow up and benefit your family and others. When you consider a field you might see something there that others don’t see.  It’s very possible that the reason no one else sees what you see is because your heavenly Father has reserved that field for YOU; it belongs to you only.


I remember the first winter after the first harvest of my humble field out back. It was just a small vegetable garden at that time. I opened up the pantry of all the jarred food I had stored there (from out of my garden) and saw how my God had blessed me with a hearty harvest. For such a little space of land I produced a good amount of food for our family of six. I was able to give some away. It fulfilled me to see that I was able to feed my family from out of my own field.


The Proverbs 31 Woman gives consideration to what she puts her finances to. She puts a lot of thought into her purchases and investments because she always has the good of her husband and children in mind as to how it will benefit her family, and others. She considers a field and how to invest in her field of interest so that she and her family have something later in life that financially and eternally keeps producing.


My husband used to get upset when I would spend money he didn’t want me to spend. He eventually came to understand that how I think is not the same as how he thinks, and what I see as ‘needs’ is not always what he thinks is a need. It takes time and a lot of passionate (heated) conversations to become one in all things. It takes a lot of patience, prayer and self-denial too. We will never think in the same way, but as we obey God’s order for marriage and family – we can be united in how we spend and invest.


I believe wastefulness, as well as impatience, greed and discontentment, adds to unnecessary financial debt so that our ‘earnings’ never provide an opportunity to invest (plant) in a field. Investing is wise; whenever you sow a seed of ‘whatever kind’ you are capitalizing on its potential to grow and produce a hundred-fold.


“Be patient….until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.” James 5:7-9


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