Daily Devotional

Son, My children have forgotten how to fish for people, they think people will come to them. I told them not to fish for people who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners, and that they must go where these are.


It grieves My heart that some of My children do not know My Word. I made it very clear that they are not to hide My Word from their children; that it must be taught in their homes so that the next generation will know it, and they in turn will teach it to their children.


Son, tell My children who will listen, “Get ready, the day is near when I, the LORD, will come.” My children must be ready and prepared.


Lord, some of Your children are afraid of this day, for it will bring hard times. They are worried that You will not help them. They have forgotten what You have done for them in the past, and cannot believe that You will care for them. Despite all of Your wonders they refuse to trust You.


Son, their lives will end in failure because their hearts are not loyal to Me. They do not know My power; the power of My Word and Spirit. They have been deceived by their own pride and ignorance that man has the solution. These men that they seek after make promises that they have no way of keeping.  So I will give them what they want, and see if man can care for them like I can. 


Lord, You have led me and my family on a pathway that has taken us through mighty waters – a pathway we did not know was there. Thank You!


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