Too Old You Say?

This morning I was very encouraged by what the Lord said to me. I see lots of people who are my age but retired. Then this morning the Lord said, “I have things for old men to do.” While most retired men have quit working like they used to – I have started a construction company with my son, I bought a big piece of land that needs to be developed and homes built there, and I’m to prepare a people for the Lord’s coming.


So to all you ‘old’ men: GOD HAS GIVEN YOU A NEW MINISTRY in your old age. Just like Caleb (in the Bible) who still saw so much work to be done in his old age. His age wasn’t an issue at all to him.


Each of us (old guys) in the world’s view are too old to do anything, and too old to even listen to what we have to say, but the words the Lords says to us is, “I still have work for you old men with faith in Me – to do, SO FINISH STRONG.”


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