To My Grandchildren

To my grandchildren:

You are living in the last days, and the Anti-Christ is coming. So, it is important that you know the truth. Jesus is the Word of Life, and His words are life giving, and with His Spirit you have all you need to see clearly in the days ahead. If you think you can belong to the world and live as the world does, then you will not be able to see clearly and hear correctly; you will fall into the traps of the enemy and not see or hear your way out.


Remember, when you harbor hate in your heart you are living in darkness, and you will not know the freedom, joy and peace of God’s love. Do not love this world and go after all the things it offers you; for this world only knows how to offer you that which satisfies human cravings for physical pleasures, and endless opportunities for pride’s own self-importance. This world is fading away, along with everything that our sinful nature craves and produces. None of it will be remembered, so live your life for Christ’s Kingdom and not for the world.


People who reject you, hurt and laugh at you because you stand for the truth were never really your friends. I will keep instructing you and warning you to “know God’s Word,” so that you will know the difference between truth and lies. You have the Holy Spirit in you, so you don’t need anyone of this world to teach you what they think the truth is. Remain in fellowship with Jesus Christ and be courageous, so that you are ready to see Him. Do not shrink back from Him, or deny His Word for any reason; for this will bring upon you great shame and regret when you see Him.


To my granddaughters, if the Lord should not come back soon and you want to get married, let me tell you how to have a great marriage. Help your husband succeed in the Lord’s will, and do not torment and nag your husband day after day, or you will bring him down, and he might be captured by another. But with every longing or hurt you have, bring it to your Lord in prayer; for He will bring about all that is good and lasting if you remain in your faith, hope and love of God. You will not change anything by constant nagging and manipulation, but slowly drive a wedge into your marriage. The power of a women is not in her beauty or cunning ways, or her position in life, but in her fear of the Lord – with her prayer life!


To my grandsons, be real men and lead your families the way God tells you to. You do not lead by pushing them with hard words and threats. Lead your wife and children by being out in front, walking with your Lord God, moving in the direction God is leading you. They will follow you as you break the way for them; for they are much weaker and need to know they can trust you to lead them in the right way. Don’t stop reading God’s Word and praying continually to Him, or you will be like a man who has his eyes gouged out, that cannot see in front of him. Be wise, and don’t let yourselves be bound by this world – forced to grind out a living without any joy and peace or prosperity from God.


Men who live without faith in the Word of God think they can prevent being chained and enslaved. Men like this think they are smart and intelligent, but their pride and arrogance will only ruin them and their families. The key to being a real man, a true husband and father – is to meet with your Lord and Savior every morning faithfully. Know what He has to say to you in His Word, and make it a priority to obey the Lord and do all He tells you to do. So, be a man of faith and prayer, standing for the truth no matter what, training your sons to be real men of God, and cherishing your wife and daughters. Help others whom God puts in your way for help.
Children, Jesus is your Rock, your only salvation, and your mighty fortress. Let Him teach and lead you, for then you will never be shaken. Wait quietly for Him to speak and guide; for He is your only hope in life. Trust in Him at all times, and pour out your hearts to Him. He will be your strong refuge in the days ahead.


To the parents of my grandchildren, I expect you to help each of my grandchildren along until they are able to stand in their own faith in Jesus Christ, and able to fight the good fight of faith. Know this; that I am praying for you all.

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