To My Grandchildren – 2016

Recognize the rebellion that lives within you, for it will haunt you day and night. Understand that you are a sinner because the sacrifice your Lord desires is a broken spirit and repentant heart. Along with this never forget that your Lord will never reject you.


Look at what happens to mighty people who do not trust in God. They trust in their wealth, and grow more and more bold in their wickedness. They become proud as they refuse to follow God’s laws. Their stubbornness has only made them slaves in the land of plenty, having turned their backs on God’s mercy and love.


Honor those who lead you to the Lord and in the work of the Lord. Show them great respect. Follow their example of commitment and love.


I write this to you to encourage you and strengthen your faith in the Lord. Be careful that you do not become lazy and careless with God’s word, and never stop praying. Hold on to the truth and avoid every kind of evil and sexual sin. Test everything you hear with the Word of God, and do not scoff at prophecies; for you must know how to be prepared at all times. Learn to be thankful in all circumstances because the Lord is with you and He will never forsake you.


Let your love for one another grow strong and full of faith. Make it your goal to live a quiet productive life – working with your hands and sharing with others. Live a life that will honor your God because God’s desire is to honor His children for their faith in Him. 


Your Grandfather



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