Short Term Solutions – Have Long Term Consequences

Short term solution always have long time consequences. What do I mean? Think of any solution the government has come up with in the past that we are not paying the consequences for today.


Almost 2/3 of our taxes are to pay for short term solutions of the past, called entitlements. When we think government has the solutions to our problems then government becomes the problem.


Obama said it best when he was talking about Trump, “What is he going to ,wave a magic wand and create these jobs.” Government does not solve problems, they only give us short term fixes that have a black hole at the end of them sucking the life and energy from everyone around it. So listen to the people running for office and you will see that the only thing they offer are short term solutions, and that WILL have long term consequences.


What is needed is to bring back the dignity of the individual. There is no such thing as an individual with dignity when government tries to solve our problems. Part of dignity is respect! I hear people saying, “Earn my respect.” Respect is never earned, but always given. You should respect your parents, teachers, our elected officials, our neighbors, the policeman, all those who fight for us in wars; everyone! Be proud of who you are, and what you do that benefits not only yourself but others. It is okay if you do not go to college. It is okay to work with your hands.  Some of the happiest people I know work very hard with their hands. Some of the saddest people are educated people who have degrees in a field they do not like, but only chose it because of the money it pays.


Next, bring back the wholesome family unit. Listen to what the government says. They think they know more in how to raise our children than we do. Their goal is to control the minds of our children, so that our children do not think for themselves but rather how government wants them to think. A good example of this is at our colleges today; when someone speaks that thinks differently – they want to shut him/her down. This is the by-product of a society that thinks government has the solution to our problems. When the family unit is strong then our country will be strong.


When government takes control it is always giving us short term solutions that will have a long time consequence that does not have a good effect on society.

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