Serious Thought

This morning I began my reading in the Word: Exodus chapter one. The first question that came to me was: How do you take a people who are free and make them slaves? The answer that came to me is: You give them everything so that they depend upon you, then you take the males and remove their manhood and masculinity as God designed, just like the rulers in Egypt did to the Israelites.


America’s so-called “educators” have been shaming and removing any thinking and behavior of early masculinity in little boys – so that they will no longer rebel against the ‘new’ definition of male and female.


In America people are slowing being turned into slaves of those forcefully setting ‘new’ definitions of gender, law and liberty.


Our government has provided so many ‘entitlements’ that people now think these entitlements are their rights. Wake up America and learn from history that the path we have been on will only lead to bondage. It’s time to take a stand for the truth and fight in the ways our God tells us to.


Serious Thought


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