Serious Thought: Slave or Free

To take a people from being slaves to being freemen will require them to think differently. When everything has been given to you by those who lord it over you (like in government or dictatorships) and now you are free from your task master, when you are faced with hard times you will be tempted to go back to thinking like a slave and will give up on the road to freedom because freedom requires sacrifice to keep your freedom. The Hebrews in the desert of freedom (after God delivered them from Egypt) cried out to the Lord about their hunger and thirst, not understanding what God was doing. They said that it was better as a slave for at least they had food and water. (Exodus 14:10-12) But God had no intention of denying them their basic needs, but just that they came to faith in God, and no longer depending on man (government and world systems).


When slaves keep moving towards freedom with God, they will be filled with AWE of what God will do to provide for them and protect them as they move through God’s open doors of opportunity for them to prosper on their own. Faith in God and courage to take risks believing God will support and bless the work of our hands, will bring us to experience the life of freemen.


“When the people saw the mighty power of the LORD they were filled with awe, and put their faith in the LORD.” Exodus 14:31 NLT



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