Protest in Prayer

What the church needs is to hold a protest in prayer. Today we see hostile protests that destroy other people’s property as they protest for the right to get things for free from the government, and as they protest for “freedom of speech,” but then if you do not agree with them these protestors attack you. People are protesting anything that stands for the godly way of life or for the true meaning of America’s Constitution as it is now being brought back.


Therefore I am calling God’s people to a protest in prayer to cry out to God about all this hostility and hateful rioting in our nation, that God would uphold our President and Vice President, our Congress to make ‘right’ decisions, and to remove those bent on doing what they want, and that God would help us stand strong in His freedom to testify of Jesus Christ and serve Him faithfully, no matter what happens.


Protest in prayer to God that He would humiliate those whose only desire is to destroy anything that mentions Jesus Christ and the Bible. Protest in prayer for those being persecuted and martyred for their faith and obedience to Jesus Christ; that God will encourage them to stand strong on the Rock of Ages. Protest in prayer for the true family as God designed, for the right of the unborn in the womb to fully live, for our schools and for our own children.


PROTEST IN PRAYER! And we’ll see far more good get done.

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