No Hope?

Today there are so many people who have no hope. They think that the world as they know it is falling apart. They are upset over the election of Donald Trump as our next president, fearful that we will go back to a time when there was a different type of hope.


The hope of the past was not in man, but in God. When your only hope is in man – you are hopeless; for man can not bring anyone hope and peace. Hope that is true hope – can only come from the One who created the world and set the future for man. Listen to, and heed what He says and you just might feel God’s hope – blessing you!


So this Thanksgiving I want to encourage you to have the hope that comes from God! If you continue to put your hope in any man or woman, or government, or religion, then it will result as having a false hope; you will be gravely disappointed. False hope has no other result than anxiousness, frustration, unforgiveness, anger and turmoil, even resulting in sickness and deep depression. But, when God and His Word is your hope it does not matter what man does or does not do, because man cannot affect eternity. Man can not upset true hope from God.

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