My Time in God’s Word

Lord, when Your children were leaving Egypt – why did you tell them to plunder the Egyptians by taking their gold and silver into the desert with them?


Son, I was testing their character to see what they would do when things become difficult. When My children are faithful in little things I give them, then I will give them greater things. But if they are dishonest with little things, then I cannot trust them with greater responsibilities.


I gave them wealth in order to benefit others in need. Today when I given My children silver and gold, look how quickly they forget Me! They do not wait for My counsel! They do not believe My promise that I will care for them. Instead, they mingle with the world and accept their evil customs and idols of silver of gold. They even approve the shedding the innocent blood of the unborn.


Therefore, they will be handed over to those who refuse to acknowledge Me, and be ruled by those who hate Me. They will complain and shout to Me, “Are You here with us?” My answer will be, “No, I gave you what you asked for, and that is to be ruled by riches.”


Son, there is joy in My presence when a sinner finally comes to his senses and repents. When they search for Me they will find My strength in life. When they live by continually seeking Me and remembering My wonders, they can stand on this promise, “I keep every one of My promises.”

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