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This morning while doing my morning workout I was thinking and praying about my life. Here I am – at an age when most people retire from their present work or careers to do the things they have wanted to do, but could not. I don’t have to leave, but I am leaving a great job that pays me very well, has great people to work for, lots of freedom and working 4 days a week. I am leaving to work with my son in our construction company (Dietz Corp.). We have no jobs lined up as yet, but we are in agreement believing it is God’s will and timing for me to do this. Along with that, Carol and I had planned a 2 week vacation the first of April long before I planned on leaving my job with a great company. And, we just bought 66 acres of land that we had been prayerfully waiting 6 years for that God told us 6 years ago He was going to give us, to prepare for what is coming. On top of all this I was recently told that I will need my hip replaced in May.


This morning I read in Facebook a little note from my daughter Dori about the book she and some of her friends want to study together called “The End of Me” and the people God calls “blessed.” It really encouraged me. Thank You Lord for allowing me, at this age, to still do great things with You; for telling me that my best years are not behind me but still ahead! Thank You Lord for holding Your hand out to me, and holding me up as we walk together on a path I did not know was there.



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