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There has been a lot of talk about racism, and the prejudice and bigotry of people in America. People say that if you do not feel the hurt of the people in Syria, or understand what Africa Americans are faced with, or for the illegal immigrants then you are not a loving person and do not represent the love of God. They say we must apologize to the world for being Americans who still believe in strong borders and military force, in law and order, in limited government and in the Bible. They say we must confess for the harm we did in stopping World War II and other countries we sent our military in to help. They say we must except (change our belief) and teach all religions of the world with all their many ways to God. And, if we do not change our belief then we are racists, bigots, intolerant hateful people that have no love in us. They believe that they are better than this; that they have the right thinking and wisdom for today, and that we stand in their way of progress.


How foolish their thinking is when they reject the thinking and wisdom of God that America’s earlier way of life was based on. Slavery was abolished and anyone could make something good of themselves and enjoy the fruit of their own labor. All races of people were welcomed to become legal citizens of what America stood for that is now being radically transformed. Who are the real enemies here; those of us who hold to our biblical beliefs and America’s Constitution of law and order, strong borders and military, protecting life and that government is limited in what they can and should do?


Who is the real enemy? Who is wreaking havoc and going on rampages of destructions? Who is ignoring the vote of the people? Who is weakening law and order, our borders, law enforcement and military? Who is giving abortionists their funding and freedoms? Who is making more and more taxes and regulations on the working class of families? Who is teaching our children that male and female, family and marriage is not what our Creator of all things created – says they are?  Who is the real enemy?

Would Jesus be a racist, intolerant, bigot, etc. by today’s standards? Yes!  


I refuse to accept the labels put on us by the so called enlightened of our day: the progressives, millennials, and globalists. The Word of God is very clear what the last days will look like. It tells us clearly that in the last days before Jesus Christ returns – most will turn away from true faith in God; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons. These people are hypocrites and liars, and their good consciences are dead. These with their own evil opinions about everything will make it extremely hard for anyone else who oppose them and their evil progressive ways. These people love only themselves and their money and is why they are trying to change America and those people who hold to God’s thoughts and ways. They are boastful and proud, scoffing at God, mocking His people, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. Nothing that is sacred to God is sacred to them; for they are their own gods. They are the unloving and unforgiving ones; for they slander those with true faith in God. They have no self-control; letting their defiled minds take them deep in depravity. They are the cruel ones; hating all that is good, that God calls “good.” They will betray their own family and friends to get what they want. They are reckless without any concern for others; loving pleasure and the lusts of their flesh. They are puffed up with pride, judging God’s Word by their own ignorance and self-destructive ways. They act religious with their counterfeits faiths, but they reject the true power of God that could heal them and make them right with Him. They follow every kind of new teaching, but are never able to understand the truth that would set them free from deception and destruction. They see evil as good and good as evil. They have become depraved in their minds – and every thought has become evil all the time. Someday soon they will recognize what fools they are, but it will be too late. Now is the day of salvation!


So do I live my life to be accepted by people, or do I live my life to be accepted by Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God – who is coming again?


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