I Will NOT Apologize!

10 things I will not apologize for:

1. Being a white male, for this is how God made me.
2. Living in America, for this is where God placed me.
3. That the standard for my life is the word of God (the Bible)
4. Knowing the truth about good and evil (sin), for this has set me free.
5. Having parents that were “red necks,” people with red necks because they work hard under the sun all day; parents who lived through WW1, the great depression, WW2, the Korean war, and Vietnam war. For parents who taught me how to work for what I need and want, and not taking advantage of others.
6. For discipling my children as I was disciplined and held accountable for my actions; understanding this truth that “if it doesn’t hurt – it doesn’t work.”
7. For my failures, for they taught me never to give up on my dreams.
8. For my successes, for they allowed me to see my potential and the ability to help others.
9. For not having enough money saved in my old age, still working, because I gave most of it away to those in need.
10. For knowing what is coming by what the Bible says, and being prepared for it.

I think we have too many people in America that want people to apologize for things they should never apologize for. These people feel that if they can make others apologize then they are justified in saying, “It is not my fault.” They see it’s the fault of other’s: the fault of their government, God’s fault, the fault of Christianity, whatever – for the condition they are in.

The truth is that these people who want us to apologize, they never took advantage of anything God brought their way for their own good future, and soon God will hold them accountable for their choices in life.

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