Four Types of Leadership

In my studies of the Bible I find that there are 4 leader types. These leader types are still seen today as well in their results.


The first one I call “Saul leadership.” This type has the look, personality and ability to be a great leader, but has one flaw: fear of what people think. This will always lead to failure.


The second type is a “Samuel leadership” for the spiritual condition of a nation. These leaders speak truth to power, and ‘the power’ is afraid of them, even hating them. These leaders are not elected but ordained by God.


The third type is what I call “David leadership.” These are men are called by God at an early age to lead; they have a love for God and His word. These men are not perfect at all. They will have a sinful past like anyone else. But these humble men seek God with all their heart. These leaders are men who will fight for the good, and defend those who can’t defend themselves. They have a great love for the people.


The last type appears when you do not have a Saul, Samuel or David type. This type I call the “Jehu leadership.” Men will call this type of leader a “mad man.” This leader’s only purpose is to rid the land of wicked leadership, or in other words: “drain the swamp.”


We have a Jehu type in office right now, so if you want to see what this type will do, read about him in the word of God: 2 Kings 9-10




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