One day while reading the Word of God the thought came to me, “What about all those people who get saved during the… great tribulation?” The Lord said, “I love them as well, should not the church be preparing for them?”


I have shared this to church pastors and they told me not to bring this teaching into their church. I have said to those who would listen, “If this message is for you then these words will not leave you.”


Men With Faith is about preparing God’s people for what is coming, and we will have many ‘personal’ issues to deal with, but we must not forget those coming in behind us, and how hard it will be for them to have their basic needs without the mark of the beast; which God has instructed them NOT to take, but to simply trust Him instead to get them through.  And that means that they will get through this time on what WE leave behind for them.


Some have said that God will take care of them, meaning that they don’t have to think about it. They are correct in saying that God will take care of them, but God always works through His people. God is the God who prepares His people for what is coming. Always has – always will!


When it comes to spiritual matters, I will never know my potential under God until I step out and take risks. If we are courageous enough to take risks, there is no limit to what God can accomplish through us with His open doors of opportunity – now while the Church can still prosper and speak freely. We need to watch for the opportunities that God will give us – and not so that we think of ourselves, but so that we can prepare provision for God’s saints in the Great Tribulation.


This calls for wisdom today!


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