We, God’s children, need to know how our enemies will attack anyone who stands up against them. How our enemies attack have been the same throughout history. We can look in the Bible and see what their plans are and how they tried to carry them out, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, depending on God’s will at the time, and depending on the faith and confidence of God’s people.


Today Donald Trump is carrying out biblical principles (in our Constitution) and look at all the attacks he’s received. Any leader (king, president) who humbles himself with the Lord, and receives from the Lord a personal assignment in a leadership role will have enemies against him. Evil leaders will not want to give up their control over the people. In the book of Nehemiah we see how evil comes against a servant of the Lord who has committed himself to doing the will of the Lord.


How the enemy will attack:

  • Scoffing/mocking
  • Intimidation/threat
  • Physical harm and destruction
  • Bringing confusion by questioning everything; power of suggestion
  • Slander/spreading of rumors
  • Gaining leadership positions around you to over-rule you
  • Infiltrate our places of worship:
    • With influence of compromise and self-justification for sin (these two go together: self-justification and compromise; for not obeying the Lord.)
  • Destroying godly families:
    • Abortion
    • Family unit (of a married man and woman)
    • Marrying unbelievers
    • Fear of disciplining their children the way God says to
    • Down play the role of the wife and mother
    • Making ‘absent’ fathers; irresponsible and self-serving
    • Making ‘present’ fathers in the home afraid to lead in the way God tells them to


So how do we fight the enemy?:

  • Repentance; accepting personal responsibility – accountable to God
  • Prayer; calling on the Lord for His strength and confidence in His Word
  • Armed with our sword of His Spirit (the word of God)
  • Remember that He is on the side of righteousness, not wickedness
  • Be prepared; not caught unaware of the schemes of our enemies
  • Love in the way God compels us to love
  • Do not partner or meet with wolves in sheep’s clothing
  • Keep to the path; for we are doing God’s work, not our own
  • Understand ‘without fear’ that when the enemy sees that they cannot intimidate or stop you – their anger and hostility will increase; that they will be fighting against God, unsuccessfully
  • Do not submit to wicked laws that oppose God’s laws – found in God’s Word
  • Build strong godly families who know the Lord personally
  • Do not allow an evil foothold into our places of worship; home and corporate worship
  • Remove anything in our lives that grieves God’s Holy Spirit and tests God’s patience


End result, our enemies will become frightened and humiliated; fighting each other instead.



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