Satan knows your weakness and will use it to gain influence or entry into your life. He will tell you fearful things so that he can control you. The key is, pay close attention to what you hear, the closer you listen to the Lord the more understanding you will be given. Remember your future is not in the hands of Satan but in the hands of God.


Our Father is looking for followers who listen, obey and worship Him in spirit and in the truth. His love for them is never failing, and His faithfulness endures forever. So if the Lord is for you then you should have no fear, for what can mere people do to you? Instead of listening to the lies of the evil one, rejoice in each day the Lord has given you, for each day has tremendous opportunities. People who listen and obey His instruction are joyful people. They are people of integrity, and they will not compromise with evil, for they only walk on the Lord’s path. When they are obedient all of their actions will consistently reflect His words. For they hide His words in their heart, and they see the wonderful truths in His word.


“The day is near when I will judge all nations,” says the Lord.


So get ready.


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