Daily Devotional

Lord, now I understand why Jacob wrestled with You all night. He wrestled with You until You took away his fear. It was not that Jacob had power over You, or that You could leave. Jacob would not let go of You until he had Your peace because of what was ahead. Jacob knew all that You had done for his father and grandfather and he knew Your promises for his own life. But, Jacob needed confidence, and You gave him a physical reminder of Your promise that he will overcome what he fears might happen.


Son, I will be with you. I have seen your abuse and your hard work, now get ready. I know you have fears, but you must remember all of My promises to you. I have told you everything that you need to know. In the past you never asked for My help or considered what I planned long ago. I have cut you free from the ropes of the ungodly. I have forgiven you so that you might learn to fear only Me.


Lord, I am counting on You. I have put my hope in Your word, for with You there is unfailing love.

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