Daily Devotional

Son, you can be sure, and not be afraid, for I will protect you. Your reward will be great because you continue to believe what I have told you. It will be counted as a righteous act. It is very important that you continue to obey Me, rather than listening to the logic of man, for no one will be able to stop what I have said I will do. Those who try will find themselves fighting against Me!


Son, look at the people today; they drag their sins behind them with ropes made of lies. They say that evil is good and good is evil. They have become so wise in their own eyes and they think themselves so clever. I would love to find justice, but there is no justice. I would love to find righteousness, but instead I hear cries of violence. People today never think about Me or notice what I am doing. Because they have rejected and despised My word, and have allowed the words of Satan to fill their hearts – they have become hopeless.


Son, because I have removed your guilt by forgiving your sins, give these people the message of life!


Lord, here I am. Send me. Because You are for me I will have no fear. Today, I will rejoice and be glad. You are my God and I will praise and exalt You!


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