Daily Devotional

Son, in the coming days it will be very important that My children listen to Me!  My children must not only read My word but obey it, cling to it, and wait patiently for Me. When you do these things – more understanding will be given to you. My path might lead through rough seas and dry deserts, in a way unknown to you. My pathway will always require My children to trust Me completely. So listen to My instructions very carefully, and know that I will care for You with a true heart and lead you by My skillful hands.


Son, open your ears to what I am saying, and tell the next generation about the glorious things I have done for you. Tell them about My power and My mighty wonders so that they might know Me, and set their hope on Me. Tell them that I will bless them when they do not turn away from My teaching. Let them know that My wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who live it.


Son, you must also tell those children of Mine who say I can’t protect, lead, or provide for them, “When they refuse to trust Me, I will end their lives in failure and terror. They talk about Me as though they are very intimate with Me, but all they do is give Me lip service, and lie to Me. They do not remember My power, nor do they remember all My miraculous wonders, and what I’ve done for them. In the coming days they will turn their back to Me. These people who are not listening to Me, even what they think they understand – will be taken away from them.”


Lord, when troubles come, help Me to keep my eyes on You. Help me when I am overwhelmed with longing for Your help, and when I cannot sleep, and too distressed even to pray! Help me never think that You have rejected me. Help me to recall all you have done, and remember your wonderful deeds for me long ago.


Lord, You are the God of great wonders, and demonstrate Your awesome power to everyone who will listen.

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