Daily Devotional

Lord, You have been with me from the day I was born, and You have cared for me each day. Therefore, I will keep on hoping for Your help, and praising You more and more. Though I am not skilled with words, I will tell everyone about Your saving power. I will tell everyone that You  alone are just. Now that I am old and gray, let me tell this new generation of all your mighty miracles that You have done for me, even about what You have done to those who tried to hurt me; how they have been shamed and humiliated.


Son, I reveal My plans to mankind through My prophets, and I never do anything until I reveal My plans to My prophets. So ask yourself what are My prophets saying? “My people have forgotten how to do right!” “An enemy is coming!” “The rain will stop falling on your farms.” “Disease comes to your cities.” “Your young men will die in war.” I will bring upon you all the disasters I have announced, so prepare to meet Me!


Son, I have heard your prayer, so prepare My people for My coming. Turn the hearts of the fathers today back to their children. Tell those who are rebellious to accept the wisdom of the godly. You will be blessed when you believe that I will do everything I said I would do. Therefore, be certain of everything I have revealed to you, for nothing is impossible with Me.


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