Daily Devotional

Son, am I your king? Then don’t reject My instruction, and do not refuse to obey what My word says to do. Don’t be led astray by the same lies that have deceived you and others in the past. When you are humble you will see Me at work, so be glad and encouraged, and remember that I hear the cries of My children when they cry out to Me.


Don’t be alarmed at what is taking place in the world today. People today do not want to hear anything that requires them to change. I sent My prophets to them over and over, and they commanded My prophets to shut up! When you live your life as I command, you will stand out.


So take a risk and tell everyone that, “I have risen from the dead! I will not let those who refuse Me to go unpunished! No sin can be hidden from Me.” Only tell them what I show you and what you have heard from Me.


Lord, I am exhausted trying to hide my sins; for they cannot be hidden from you. I will keep praying, hoping and trusting in Your unfailing love; for Your unfailing love is far too wonderful.



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