Daily Devotional

Son, I have made Myself known to your country, and they have rejected Me. I have heard every contemptuous word spoken against Me. I have heard it all! Their hatred for Me and My people is revealed by their actions. Therefore, I will judge them and punish them for all their acts of anger, envy, and hatred.


I will protect My Holy Name on which these people have worked to bring shame. Because they have put their trust in their own knowledge and strength, instead of Me, they have missed their opportunity that I wanted to give them. Your leaders should have remembered how I blessed leaders of the past when they relied on Me. Now I will show them, and the world, just how Holy My great Name is! Then everyone will know that I am the Lord.


Son, My eyes search the whole earth looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to Me. These people are obvious because they come to Me for protection and they do what is right. They rejoice in My unfailing love. They know I see all their troubles, and have confidence that I care about the problems they face. They know their future is in My hands and that I will rescue them. They know I will bless and protect them; for they are loyal to Me. The world will see what I do for My children.


Lord, I will confess all my sins to You and will stop trying to hide them from You. I know that  unconfessed sin drains my strength. It affects my whole body, and I will have no peace. But when I confess my sin to You-You will forgive me and all my guilt will be gone. Therefore, I can pray to You, and You will be my hiding place of protection from the troubles that are coming. I know You will guide me and my family along the best pathway for our lives. You will be our Advisor and watch over us. O Lord, what joy there is for those whose sin is forgiven, and put out of Your sight!

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