Daily Devotional

Son, My prophesies make it very clear who I am and what I am about to do. So listen to what I tell you, “The leaders of your country have become proud and arrogant, and have set themselves higher than everyone else. They care nothing for what I have done or for what My hands have made. So I will begin to judge them, and all My judgments are valid and just.”


“Your nation boasts of its self-made prosperity, and does not seek Me. Your leaders speak friendly words; while all the time they are planning evil in their hearts. They deceive people into believing that they have the right answers.  Soon, I will avenge the murder of My children, and open My book of accounts, even the Book of Life. I will judge everyone who has lived according to what they have done, and anyone whose name is not found recorded in My Book of Life will be thrown into the lake of fire.”


Son, there is still time for My people to humble themselves and pray. If My people have a change of heart, and humble themselves before Me, then I will not completely destroy this country. My people must learn the difference between serving Me and serving earthly rulers.


Lord, You are my light and my salvation! I will not be afraid! You will protect me and my family from the danger that is coming. The one thing I seek, is to hear You say, “Come and talk with Me.” Show and teach me how to live this life You have given me. Lead me along Your right path for my life. Lord, I trust You with all my heart because You have helped me in the past. I know You will help me today and tomorrow. Therefore, my heart is filled with joy and I am thankful.

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