Daily Devotional

Son, never be ashamed to tell anyone about Me, but tell them about the future life I have promised to all who would believe. Be known as one who correctly handles My words of truth, for My words cannot be chained. Guard this truth that I have entrusted to you. Teach it to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass it on to others. Endure suffering as a good soldier and remember that soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life. If you die for Me, you will live with Me. If you endure hardship for Me, you will reign with Me. If you deny Me, I will deny you. If you are unfaithful, I will remain faithful.


So go in the strength I have given you and be ready to suffer for the sake of My truth. Use the power of My Holy Spirit who lives within you. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on Me with pure hearts, and be patient with difficult people. Gentle words are a tree of life, so think carefully before speaking. Commit your plans to Me and your plans will succeed. Those who listen to My instruction will prosper; those who trust Me will be joyful.


Son, I have spoken to your leaders again and again, and they refuse to listen to Me. I told them to turn from their wicked ways, and start doing what is right; to stop worshiping the gods of this world so that your country might have peace. But, they would not listen to Me and they show no signs of fear or repentance. Therefore, I will refuse to listen or answer when they call to Me; for I will send upon Your country all the disasters I have said.


Lord, I am not ashamed of You or Your book of truth. For I know You and trust You, and I am sure that You are able to guard me and my family until the day You return. Help me to never have these types of attitudes towards You, “I thought You should have done this.” “I expected You to do this for me.” “Why should I wait for You any longer?” I will simply go and do what You have told me to do. Thank You, that You know me, and that Your unfailing love and faithfulness made atonement for all my sins.

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