Daily Devotional

Son, what a horrible thing to stand before Me and have My Father say, “Let the record show that this man is a failure.” So follow the steps of good men who have gone ahead of you and stay on the path of the righteous. Look at the path of My servant David, who obeyed My commands and followed Me with all his heart and always did whatever I commanded. When you walk My path for your life you will understand what is right, just and fair; you will know the right way to go. When you speak, tell those who will listen how you are looking forward to My coming. Remember I love you and have chosen you to be with Me forever. I am the One who will rescue you from the terrors of the coming judgment.


I shield anyone who walks with integrity, but fools despise My wisdom and discipline. These fools rush to commit evil, not knowing that greed and their love of money will rob them of life. Remember that to fear Me is the foundation of true knowledge. So listen to what I say, and treasure My commands. Then you will understand what it means to fear Me, and you will gain knowledge of My Father.


I called to these foolish people who love this world more than Me, but they wouldn’t come. I reached out to them, but they paid no attention. It has made Me furious! Therefore, they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way.


Son, keep being faithful at your work, keep on doing My loving deeds, and never give up the enduring hope you have, because I am with you. Your purpose is to please Me, not people. I alone examine the motives of your heart. Therefore, live your life in a way that My Father would consider worthy. For He is the One who gives you hope and joy, and will reward you with a crown as you stand before Him!

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