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Yesterday I had a conversation with a young man. He asked me what church I belong to and I told him, “I do not belong to any organized church but I do attend one.” He told me he was moving close to where I lived, and he went on to say that what he really wanted was to get in a Bible study with men his age. I told him of some churches in the area he could check out to see if they have what he was looking for.


After this conversation I began to think why would he want to meet only with men of his own age? Why not have older men involved as well? When talking with him he said he wanted to meet with young men going through the life issues he is going through. Why not ask someone who has gone through what he is facing instead of just talking with others his age? I was impressed by his request for the knowledge of God, but was a little disturbed by his request of only young men. Why re-invent the wheel when the wheel works perfect?


The more I thought about this on my prayer walk a thought came to me that it was a sign of the times we are living in. A new generation has come that does not want to hear from those who have already gone through life’s experiences with sound wisdom to impart, but rather to hear from those who think there are new ways of successfully going through life experiences. I was reminded of a young man in the Bible who had the choice of listing to older men or to his friends. He listed to his friends and it split the nation of Israel in two.


As I talk with older people today, most young people do not ask the elderly about their life. As a matter of fact most reject any wisdom we might have. (I’m thankful for my children who still want to tell me their struggles, pick my brain and let me pray over them.)


Throughout history the young went to the older folks for their opinions and wisdom, or answers to personal questions, but this is not the case today. Maybe I see it more now than when I was younger because I am one of the old folks.


Could this be a sign that we are living in the last days when the godly wisdom of the old is not honored or even tested by most of the younger generation?


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