Daily Devotional

As I listen to the comments on President Trump’s inaugural speech, I was glad to hear someone tell the progressives and career politicians that change was coming to politics. I see the change as I consider Trump’s picks for his cabinet, and how his picks have incited these progressive politicians to attack them instead of approving them. They are trying to find evil in these qualified people to disqualify them, but I have found that when evil people accuse me of something it is what they are guilty of themselves.


So the question I have for the people of America is this: Why do we settle for less and less? Why do we settle for more and more incompetence and why do we settle for less and less while the government takes more and more from what we work for? Why wouldn’t we want the very best for the lawful citizens of America? Why don’t we approve and vote in the best we have to govern and represent our great country?


These people of Trump’s cabinet have proven they are the best and brightest; just look at the results of their lives. Most of these people will be giving up salaries to become our representatives around the world. They are willing to do this job and it is not for more money, but a strong desire to use their tremendous knowledge and skill to help restore what has been progressively lost in America.


We have had people in leadership positions who cannot make it in the real world and we see what this deficiency of common sense and courage has resulted in as we watch masses of people without any common sense running wild in the streets destroying cities and killing those who would try to stop them. They are led in their thinking by the media that twists and perverts truth, and by politicians that have no common sense or back bone to do what is right and just.


The progressives are very upset over the threat of LAW and ORDER being restored, our boarders strong and protected, and common sense and courage back in the White House.

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