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I thought back over the election time and how discouraged I was thinking like the media wanted me to think; that Hillary was going to be president and her evil agenda would quickly prevail. Then to my excitement, the opposite took place. What happened put Hillary supporters into shock? I believe this last minute turn around was because God’s humbled people humbled repented and prayed to Him.


We, as well as the whole world, saw what our repentance and unity as the body of Christ can do. The affect it had on those who are under the control of evil deception and lies – we watched on media with all the uncontrollably crying and mourning circles continued day and night to the point of them needing mental help. They did not get what they wanted, so they threw tantrums. They still haven’t accepted reality, as they continue to complain, cry, protest and riot – which obviously seems to make them ‘feel’ better and hopeful that their tantrums, protests and destructive ways will get them what they want.


What we, God’s humbled people, need to do now is NOT to stop praying because we have Trump and Pence elected, but to keep praying – even harder – staying at our prayer posts because we know the battle is not over. The progressives are not giving in – they will keep pushing and shoving and inciting people to protest and riot. This is their way. The only way we can frustrate their plans is to continue praying and standing united for America’s salvation both physically and spiritually.


As God’s people, we must pray for President-elect Donald Trump and his vice Michael Pence and their families, for their protection and that they would not compromise, but continue on with their commitments and plans to restore what has been lost and stolen from the American people, and what has been done to the hardworking legal citizens that goes against America’s Constitution. Pray that they be confident strong leaders eager to do what God’s Word says to do that is right and good for all law-abiding people, and to not be distracted by the lies of the media, nor shrink back by the constant onslaught of warnings and continued threats by the progressives; that Trump and Pence and the team they’ve chosen to stand strong with godly conviction and know that God will help them do what is true, right and just.


The church is still not ready for what is inevitably coming that Jesus warned us about. We might have more time to prepare for great persecution (the inevitable) but we need to understand that just because Trump won – we still need to get prepared (mentally, physically and especially spiritually) for what is coming that the Lord calls “great tribulation” all over the world before He returns to end all evil in the world.  Let us not stop sharing the Gospel of our Lord and making ready a people prepared for the Lord.



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