Daily Devotional

To people of the world, they will never understand why Jerusalem is so important and never at peace with the world. God said in His Word, “I have chosen Jerusalem as My home.” (Psalms 132:13) This is the place our Savior returns to; to live and rule. No wonder the Muslims desperately fight for it. They think that if they can take control of Jerusalem then Jesus cannot rule the world from there when He returns.


If you want peace for Israel we must wait for Jesus to rule in Jerusalem, and soon He will come to reign on the earth just as God has said throughout His Holy Word. Everything that has been and will be played out in the Middle East is written about in the Bible. Wars and even more wars are coming with multitudes of people dying. Revelation chapters 6-10 tells us that one-half of the world’s population will die with all that is coming.


This truth is not to be feared, but made ready for. How can you be ready? Get right with Jesus Christ, listen to Him as He tells us what to do now and for our family to be prepared, and REJOICE over what He will do in this world when He returns! Our Savior is coming again, and with Him comes everlasting peace and joy for those who love Him. Those who trust in their Savior Jesus Christ – will rule with Him. Make ready a people prepared for the Lord! Start with your own children and grandchildren.


So if you are fearful about what is happening, then you have not met Jesus Christ nor have you sat under His perfect teaching. Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life. Please allow Him to touch your life today.




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