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2 Peter 2:7 “Lot was a righteous man who was sick of the shameful immorality of wicked people around him – where he lived.”


“My burden for the United States of America” I want to apologize to all the family, friends and associates that are offended by what I’ve written concerning my understanding of what has happened to America.  But, I think it is necessary to understand why I believe the way I do, because we are NOT fighting against flesh and blood, but against rulers of the unseen world. These unseen rulers are the ones behind all of the changes in our land, behind the new policies, and behind our civil warring, and behind America’s destructive path – that I write about below.


The United States of America as it used to be – is gone; for we are not united by any means. For unity to return it would mean that the older generation has to die out. The older generation sees where America is headed and is not at all interested in supporting that in any way.  This ‘new’ America will be in the form of socialism with the government in complete control of every part of our lives; a government designed to ‘supposedly’ meet your needs; which God calls a “false god” because this is not what ‘government’ is supposed to do. These progressives of new America will teach all children their new thinking that sounds good but is pure evil. This mindset of new America is opposite of the thinking of the older generations who trusted in God.


It is my belief that for the progressive agenda to succeed it has to destroy the family unit, remove Jesus Christ from everything except cursing, and to remove God’s Word (the Bible).


The progressives with their agenda first needed to change what a true family is as God designed the family, which is the strength of any nation. They needed to replace a family by new ideas that come from the real enemy behind the progressive agenda. The best place to start this new thinking is in our schools, and teach our children at a very young age that they need to open up their minds to this new thinking of what a family is. Therefore, the Bible is no longer the source of truth on this subject.


Birth control and abortion has attacked the family, with Margaret Sanger in the 50’s and 60’s forming Planned Parenthood primarily to extinguish the black race. But, birth control and abortion has spread like a disease everywhere. Then came the sexual revolution in the 60’s with the younger generation coming against the older generation’s ‘morality’ so that they could continue living a lifestyle of no rules or consequences for sexual activities. They coined the idea that love is about sex.


The progressive leaders of our day came out of this moral breakdown of the true family which had always been the strength of America under God’s blessings. So they got to work removing God/Bible/prayer schools and from public places saying that it offends some people, which grew to offend more and more people under the influence of America’s real enemy and his cohorts. The real enemy didn’t want America’s children influenced by the teaching of the Bible and by openly praying to God, so schools were no longer allowed to teach the Bible, or to pray and now children are not even allowed to say the Pledge of Alliance to our flag in school because of the words: “one nation under God.”


Then the “progressives” went about taking away the rights of parents to discipline and teach their children the way God tells us to, and if we do not surrender to their thinking – we are threatened with arrest if we do what God tells us.


Then began the propaganda of making any wife/mother who stayed at home with her children to be regarded as “less” than what a woman is; that a real woman is one who can have a family and a career outside the home. Women began competing with men going after their leadership positions. The purity of marriage started breaking down with adultery and divorce. Adultery no longer a crime. Divorce no longer shameful. Women wanted to fight like men and were allowed into the military branches. Children being left for others to care of and teach. This caused a redefining of what a man or woman is, and led to unnatural mixtures with men acting like women and women acting like men, even men wanting to have sex with men and women with women; all unnatural and destructive. The victories of the real enemy in our lives.  Now children are growing up to think this is all right and good; going against their conscience, which comes from God, to harden them against godly conviction. Therefore, it’s all working to destroy the America God started with our founding fathers; a nation God wanted to use to bless people.


Then came the arrogant idea and humanistic teaching that man has the answers and solutions to everything in the world. A modern generation has grown up to think men working together in unity can come up with the solutions to anything happening in the world. (Tower of Babel all over again!) All this “progression” away from God has caused a spiraling effect of corruption, injustice, a holocaust of babies in the womb, bold sexual perversions brought before the eyes and ears of children, and the redefining of marriage, family and culture.


This new progressive thinking is not about the truth at all, and not about consequences for any wrong doing, and it’s not about helping people live the way they want either, but rather it is a growing society of people thinking self-centered thoughts all the time – influenced and led by the REAL enemy who has been working day and night to bring good old America down to her knees. These “progressive” teachers and leaders keep coming up with ideas, plans and policies that will allow their agenda of a “new” America to work for them.  But sadly, nothing will work for the good except God’s design for family and government.


This “progressive” thinking is simply setting up America, like all nations, to welcome in a despicable man that the real enemy will embody. He will slip in when least expected and take over by flattery and intrigue. With deceitful promises, he will make various alliances. He will become strong despite having only a handful of followers. He will distribute among his followers the plunder and wealth of others – something his predecessors had never done; but this will last for only a short while.


Do I believe we can turn America back? No! If we could then we would have to take over the schools and teach the children the truth according to God and get going sharing the Gospel of Jesus of Christ who is the Hope of all nations, and do it at any cost. We would have to stand as strong pillars in our society as to what a real marriage and family is all about. We would have to see godly mem taking over governmental positions. We would have to uphold righteousness in our personal lives as well as holding our own children to being responsible for truth and righteousness, and accountable for their bad choices. We would have to rally together in prayer to our God – asking Him to help us bring this nation back to Him. For this to be done it would take at least 50 – 60 years to bring about.


So what do we do then? I say get ready for judgment because this nation’s cup of inequity is full – according to God. The rotting of a nation starts from the head down. Study the Word of God so that you will understand what is to come and how to be prepared both spiritually and physically; how to teach your children and grandchildren so that they are trusting God and following through with what He wants them to do in their time – before our King comes to reign on the earth, just as He promised. The last kingdom of the earth – will be the everlasting Kingdom of God!


“As it is in heaven – it will be on the earth!” This is the truth, according to the Savior of the world: Jesus Christ – Son of the Living God and Creator of us all.



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