Daily Devotional

Do you remember what it was like the first time you did something that you knew was wrong? Your conscience convicted you that you should not be doing it. When you kept on doing it, your conscience no longer convicted you because your conscience became seared, and you became no longer sensitive to truth and right living (righteousness).


When the heads/leaders of a nation have seared consciences, working against truth and righteousness, that nation no longer feels guilt for sinful lifestyles. Good becomes evil and evil becomes good. What would our great grandparents say about the lifestyles we live today? Would they cover their mouths with shame?


To know if you have a seared heart, you would believe this: We have become enlightened; that is why we have chosen our lifestyles. Why should we go back to the thinking of our great ancestors who never thought like we think today – as free people? I can say and do anything without any harmful consequence for my choices.


The Bible says that those who have their conscience seared will have leanness to their souls, or in other words, they become like raw hide, no feeling what so ever!


Just some thoughts.


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