Daily Devotional

Proverbs 18:24   “A real friend sticks closer than a brother.”


In my Bible I have this marked by this Scripture, “Mine is my brother.”


Frank, I want to thank you for not only being my brother but my friend. Your spiritual DNA is throughout my life and runs into my children and even in my grandchildren.


Whenever I have needed prayer you and your helpmate are the first one to call and come over to pray. I enjoy our conversations about God’s Word as you both have sharpened me and spurred me on with God’s Word.


Frank, thank you for allowing me all those times to travel with you, for I got to see how you have touched people around the world.


I believe that “a righteous man plans his life, but it is God who directs his footsteps,” because I’ve seen it in your life. You are a man who has never owned very much, yet God has blessed you and Anneli, and anointed you with true riches that can not rust or fade away. People regard you as being very rich because of how you have always trusted in the Lord. Therefore all of your dreams that God has placed in your heart will come about. He is the One directing your footsteps.


Thank you for being my friend and my brother.

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