Daily Devotional

Yesterday, I was very angry over all that I see taking place in this world. The killing spree of people in France, the coup of Turkey, England’s division. And all the emails, Facebook posts and news media about who matters more in America. I feel angry that the morality of this great nation is rotting away rapidly and that the people running for the office of presidency in America and leadership in California are unqualified.


So I took a walk with the Lord yesterday morning to talk to Him about my anger. Now some of you know that last Sunday I could not walk because of my hip, but the next day I could walk without pain. I want to thank again those who rallied to pray for me. When I started my walk yesterday I could not calm down even listening to praise songs. Then just before I got home I heard my Lord speak. He said, “Trust Me, delight yourself in Me, commit everything you do to Me, be still and wait for Me, don’t worry and stop being angry and losing your temper.” (Psalms 37)


I have taught my children that life is a choice, so I choose starting today – going forward – that I will write in my posts on Facebook and in my emails – a truthful blessing upon all of my family and friends. Starting today and continuing on each day until I have covered all of my Facebook family and friends, and all of my email family and friends – I will speak the truth over each of them as a blessing. So here is the first One, My best Friend:


This Friend on who I am starting with is my very best Friend. Why? I meet with this Friend who is closer than a brother, every single morning for our time together. I wake up between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. to be with Him for hours where we talk, laugh and cry. What makes this person so great to me is that this person does not judge me or condemn me even though He sees everything I do and hears everything I think and say. He defends me. He loves me when no one else can or will. He encourages me when I am down. He prays for me. Who is this person? My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


I asked Him a long time ago why He awakes me up so early in the morning since I need my rest so I can work all day. He answered, “I have been talking to you all day but this is the first time you have been still enough to listen.” Since then I do not care about what I have to do in the day and how much sleep I miss; for this is the best time of the day for me – with my best Friend. Someday I will speak face to face with Him, and will not need to read about Him in the Bible; for I will see the living Word of God face to face.


Dearest and closest Friend, thank You for loving me and forgiving all of my sins. Thank You for the great future You have for me. Thank You for saving all my children and grandchildren. Thank You that You are coming back and the things that make me so angry – will be gone and even forgotten – because You will reign on the earth and make all things new.


This is the day the Lord has made – it is my choice to rejoice and be glad in it!

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