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For the last two weeks I have asked people on Facebook if they have an answer to the problems we are faced with today. Some have said it is not our place, it is up to our leaders and others. I have also heard it said from “black lives matter” people that because their house is on fire that their fire needs to be put out first. The truth is America’s whole house is on fire, and not just a certain group of Americans, and it will take all of us to put out the fire.


The arguments of today sound very logical, but the problem is not what people are arguing about. 


I am 66 years old and I lived through the 60’s, and America is more divided than ever. Until we realize that we are Americans first, then we are like what is said in the Bible, a divided nation. Matthew 12:25 says, “Any kingdom divided will fall.” Civil wars like we have been having is only weakening and destroying our nation, which is the plan of the devil. We are so divided that we don’t even care to know our neighbors, let alone help our neighbors. America’s families are hardly what they used to be. We’re so used to “dividing” that we can’t see where we are headed as a nation.  


As bad as it seems now, if America falls – the problems we now have will seem comparably small. So instead of all our complaining we need to show one another RESPECT: to show consideration.  Respect is simply given and not earned; trust is earned!  


I do not believe we will all agree, and we don’t need to all agree on everything; problems between people and groups will always arise, but we need to show respect regardless. This will provide the right atmosphere for solving problems and do what is best for ‘all’ people, not just one group.   


Problems will be different in each state, county, and town, but the people must come together and work through the problems respectfully. 


If you think it must be your way then you are the problem, not part of the solution. 


What will any American gain if America falls?  America is NOT what certain anti-American leaders and media say we are. They do not speak for true Americans! True Americans put America first, not one group over another which is causing more and more divisions.   


So my challenge is who will stand up and say “America first” and be willing to meet and talk about our town, county or country and do what we need to do in order to be a strong and blessed nation? The alternate is to get prepared for the complete fall of America with total chaos. There will be no future for our children or grandchildren if we keep going the way we are.



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