Daily Devotional

Lord, how much longer can America stand? Your children are calling You for help. The wicked far outnumber Your children. Violence is everywhere! Wherever I look, I see the despair and misery of destruction and violence. I am surrounded by people who enjoy arguing and fighting. The law has become paralyzed and there is no justice in the courts; justice has become perverted. Lord are you finished with America?


Son, tell the people, “If you believe in the LORD GOD, then follow Him and His Word! But if you believe that America’s strength is in what they have built on their own and what they can do on their own, then follow the leadership of that worthless god!”


The leaders and teachers of America have refused to follow and teach what I command and require of them. Therefore I will give them what they deserve! I will measure it out in proportion to their wickedness. I will pay them back for all the evil deeds they have done! I will make them taste and swallow what they have done to My children.


I have described in My Book what the end will be and what it will look like, and it will all be fulfilled. It may seem slow in coming, but wait patiently; it will surely take place just as I said. There will be no delay!


Don’t concern yourself with these proud people who think they know so much! They foolishly trust in themselves. Their thinking is warped and their lives have become perverted. They build with money gained dishonestly! They believe their wealth will buy them security, so that they are beyond the reach of danger. But they are not out of My reach!


Son in the coming days My children must live their lives faithfully to Me, trusting My Word.


Lord, I have read in Your Word all about You. I am filled each morning with joy over all of your amazing works. Help me Lord to trust You even if the trees, and the vines, and the fields lay empty and barren; even if the flocks and cattle of the fields die and food becomes scarce – yet will I trust in You the God of my salvation! Help me to rejoice in You, and in this time of America’s great need to trust and serve You again – I will be faithful to pray and speak the truth. I will not be silent.

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